AUTOGARD Torque Limiter 820 Series

For steelworks, crushers, tunnel boring machines, installations that need to transfer high and highest torques safely, AUTOGARD 820 series safety couplings are used.

This coupling is based on a modular design, in which the module are arranged on a flange on the same circumference. Latching force multiplied by the lever arm gives here the Ausrastdrehmonent this clutch system. If a module is disengaged, the clutch is in the freewheel.

If the overload is eliminated, this coupling can be easily locked. For this, the clutch hubs are aligned and then with a small blow with the rubber hammer on the head of Ausrastmodule this indented again.

The previously set torque is thus reached again.

This modular design allows unlimited designs and torques of 1 million Nm and more.


The AUTOGARD safety couplings series 820 are available in different versions:

Type 1: shaft - shaft - connection with elastic bolt coupling

Type 2: shaft - shaft - connection with elastic Samiflex coupling

Type 3: shaft - shaft - connection with torsionally stiff, double-cardanic metal multi-disc clutch

Type 4: Shaft - Shaft - Connection with double cardanic toothed coupling

Type 6: For flanging a propshaft

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Autogard Sicherheitskupplung Serie 820